How To Achieve a Timeless Charm with Farmhouse Lighting

How to achieve a Timeless Charm with Farmhouse Lighting is a look at completed projects showcasing farmhouse lighting.

Farmhouse style is known for its timeless appeal and the same can be said about farmhouse-inspired lighting fixtures.

Farmhouse lighting fixtures come in a variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and finishes.

The most dominant materials are metal, wood, and glass.

In true farmhouse style, the natural wood color is preferred but some variations would still work in keeping with a rustic look. 

Black metal, bronze finish, or wrought iron industrial light fixtures are also commonly found. These metal light fixtures come in different finishes that fit either a traditional or modern home.

For a country look, a distressed-wooden-beam light fixture could be an effective design choice. Outdoor gooseneck lighting is still popular.

Again, these come in a variety of designs and colors. Those options make it easy to source a light fixture that matches most home’s architectural styles.

Eventually, a lighting fixture can be as bold as an intricate multi-candle chandelier or a simple wall sconce. Just like with any light fixture, use it to either enhance a particular space or keep it subtle with a simple light fixture design.

In any case, lighting is an important design element that adds both aesthetic and functional value to any space.

Lighting fixtures remain an effective way to add a conversation piece to the overall decor.

It can easily be used to refresh an existing decor. 

Enjoy the carefully selected spaces here to inspire your next lighting project.

The selected photos are from completed projects to showcase the context in which the lights are installed.

How To Achieve a Timeless Charm with Farmhouse Lighting

There are no rules per se when it comes to choosing lighting fixtures.

The notes provide some design suggestions which can guide your choice.

However, just remember to go with your creative flair and see what you like best.

Above all, have fun discovering new ways to decorate with farmhouse lighting fixtures!

Let’s get started with the living room.

How To Achieve a Timeless Charm with Farmhouse Lighting in Your Living Room


CVI Design

Modern farmhouse lighting fixtures are used as decor accents throughout this open living, dining, and kitchen space.

Living Room Farmhouse Lighting

Farmhouse Homes via Instagram

Barn sconces are strategically located in this farmhouse living room to highlight a set of windows or window wreaths during the holidays.

How To Achieve a Timeless Charm with Farmhouse Lighting in Your Dining Room

Modern Farmhouse Pendants

Modern Farmhouse Style Dining RoomKatie Hackworth

When old meets new, this dining room setting mixes design trends from different periods to add a new twist to this modern farmhouse-style dining room.

These pendants seem to emulate the windows in the background in their color and material.

While looking sophisticated, they are streamlined enough to not compete for too much visual attention.

Similar light fixtures suit well a vintage-modern farmhouse or industrial-farmhouse interior.

Find inspiration and ideas to choose the best farmhouse light fixtures for the dining table here.

Distressed Wood Chandelier

Farmhouse LightsPhoto: Spacecrafting Photography

There’s nothing that says ‘glamour and elegance’ like a chandelier.

A gorgeous yet simple weathered Iron Chandelier not only lights up any designated space for dining but also adds a real statement to the dining room.

This wooden chandelier with candle lights mimics the vintage and rustic farmhouse dining table and chairs in both its design and materials.

Rustic Farmhouse Chandelier

Farmhouse LightsPlum Pretty Decor and Design

Harmony seems to be the goal in the styling of this breakfast/dining nook.

The black metal chandelier blends in with the curtain rail in the background. Its curvilinear design resonates with the round-shaped dining table and the facing wall ‘dinner plates’ decor.

Using simple cues from other existing design or decor elements can help guide the type of fixture that would work in a space.

That does not mean you cannot use contrasting shapes to those of your existing elements as we will see in other examples in this post.

It boils down to what effect you’re trying to achieve; harmony versus contrast for instance.

Modern Farmhouse Chandelier

Modern farmhouse lighting fixture over dining tablevia Pinterest

In contrast to the previous example, here a rectilinear lighting fixture is paired with a round breakfast table.

The black color of the chandelier is picked up in the chairs.

The chair’s backrests mimic the lighting’s design in their rectangular shape with angular but straight lines.

How to achieve a Timeless Charm with Farmhouse Lighting in Your Kitchen

Kitchen Island Pendants

Farmhouse LightsMSA Architecture + Interiors

Hanging island lighting fixtures provide flexibility as they can be fixed at varying heights irrespective of the ceiling height.

Also, the number of fixtures needed is determined by the length of the island.

The metal cage-like design of the fixture along with the hanging chain nicely contrasts the lampshade.

Simple, discreet, yet elegant, this fixture is easy on the eyes while providing ample task lighting over the generous island-counter.

Modern Geometric Chandelier

Industrial-Farmhouse-Style Kitchen lights are very appealing and they come in various styles such as pendants like in this kitchen.Rosewood Custom Builders

These industrial candle-light chandeliers work well over the kitchen island.

Their geometric design adds visual interest without overwhelming the aesthetic of the room.

Simple modern industrial-farmhouse lighting fixtures can easily create a good balance between form and function.

How To Achieve a Timeless Charm with Farmhouse Lighting in Your Bedroom

Minimalist Farmhouse Ceiling Chandelier

BedroomMeriwether Design Group

Ample ambient light is provided in this modern farmhouse master bedroom by the six-light chandelier designed around a 63-inch diameter light fixture.

The simplicity of the design will certainly appeal to those seeking a minimalist farmhouse light fixture aesthetic.

Farmhouse Bedroom Lightingvia Pinterest

How To Achieve a Timeless Charm with Farmhouse Lighting in Your Bathroom

Pendant Chandelier & Wall Sconce

Bathroom farmhouse lighting fixtureFarmhouse Homes via Instagram

The discrete metal pendant and sleek wall sconces create a calming interior in this master bathroom.

The clean and simple lines of those black light fixtures consolidate a modern vintage vibe with the necessary contrast to the white-walls of this room.

Traditional Barn Sconce

farmhouse vanity lightAna White

Traditional barn sconce over farmhouse bathroom vanity is often the go-to typical design approach.

They are commonly used to illuminate the exterior porch, entrance, back door, and other rooms as we see in some other projects.

Farmhouse Lighting for the Entryway & Hallway

Industrial-Farmhouse Chandeliers

Hallway Farmhouse Lighting City Girl Gone Mom

Those stunning hanging chandeliers beautifully integrate the rustic charm of this classic farmhouse hallway.

Farmhouse foyer lighting

via Pinterest

Another industrial farmhouse fixture, this is a classic example of how to include farmhouse lighting in a typical home’s entryway.

Farmhouse Lighting for Outdoor Spaces

Gooseneck Barn Wall Sconce

Gooseneck barn lightPhoto: Melani Lust

A gooseneck barn light fixture is undoubtedly a timeless decor accent.

Used here to lit up a secondary entry, this light fixture has enough character to make a lasting design statement to a modern farmhouse home exterior.

Vintage Farmhouse Lighting Fixtures

Farmhouse LightsPhoto: Spacecrafting Photography


It is hoped that this post answered some of the questions on how to include farmhouse lighting in your home.

For trendy farmhouse lighting fixtures that you can purchase online, look out for an upcoming round-up post.

Would you consider farmhouse lighting if you’re remodeling your home?

Please share this post with someone who you know is looking for inspiration or ideas and also share your own experience with us.

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