Trendy Home Hacks about page. A house is not a home is the philosophy behind this website and our work.


Trendy Home Hacks

Welcome to our blog!

Trendy Home Hacks finds its relevance in the following statement:

A Home is not a house

With a rich background in architecture and design, we have found a new passion in writing. We aim to use this blog, Trendy Home Hacks, as a canvas to connect with those who wish to enhance their living spaces and lifestyle.

Trendy Home Hacks is dedicated to researching, testing, and reviewing everything related to house and garden decor and design. Our goal is to offer a platform that delivers insightful content, from organizational tips to the latest home trends and DIY projects.

The scope of home-related topics is vast, covering everything from detailed reviews of everyday items like kitchen knives to major projects like basement renovations or garden overhauls. However, we strive to cater to all aspects of home improvement, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Explore our extensive collection of articles ranging from interior decor styles and room-specific ideas to organization tips and focused pieces on items like wire basket decor.

In addition, a good place to start sampling the decor style contents on the blog is by browsing our deep dive contents on the farmhouse style.

We’ve covered numerous decor styles and continue to add to our repertoire of emerging decor trends.

We invite you to suggest topics you’re curious about.

Reach out, and we’ll delve into the research to bring you the answers you need.

Thank you for visiting the blog! Do come back often to discover new posts and updates as we continually explore the latest in decor and design.

If you have a request for a particular blog post, please reach out to us here.

Here’s to a home full of beauty, life, and joy.

Happy decorating!

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