11 Inspiring Ways to Decorate with a Farmhouse Vase

Here are 11 inspiring ways to decorate with a farmhouse vase. This is a selection of affordable rustic, vintage, and modern metal and ceramic pitchers, vases, and buckets. Most importantly, this list is curated to make sure each vase complements your farmhouse home decor.

Distressed vintage vases are an easy way to upgrade your interior without much spending. The only thing to consider is how you want your flowers, branches, twigs, stems, or greeneries to look. Will you take cues from the season, or will you use existing elements in your space to decide on what to add to your farmhouse vase. It could also be a combination of both if you want to go all the way into the creative styling of your farmhouse pitcher, or bucket.

The selection of metal vases is meant for artificial elements and can be interchanged as the new season arrives. The artificial plant provides a quick and maintenance-free alternative to actual natural elements. It can be used to complement your existing natural plants. It is also child-friendly and having an artificial floral centerpiece on the dining table makes it easy with little ones.

The farmhouse ceramic vase selection is a better option to hold natural flowers. These vases also work well on their own as accents. Both, the metal and the ceramic vases can be used to store items such as kitchen utensils.

11 Inspiring Ways to Decorate with a Farmhouse Vase

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A lot of the vases here are available in a small size. So, use them wherever you need to add a touch of color or texture and play around with their placements. That way styling any room becomes much more fun!


Farmhouse Metal Decorative Pitcher Vase



The distressed look of this decorative pitcher-vase is an easy way to add farmhouse decor to a table and as a centerpiece. The wide opening makes it a breeze to add and replace flowers. Place it in a conspicuous area of your home and the quote will act as a consistent reminder of the positive things in your life. Or gift it to someone who needs this reminder.

Find out how other people are using this vintage pitcher in their decor here.

Farmhouse French Vintage Metal Bucket Vase with Handles

Ways to Decorate with a Farmhouse Vase

This galvanized farmhouse bucket is another piece of decor that reminds us of the country’s lifestyle. It is 12″ high with a top opening diameter of 7″. The choice of colors includes pewter and vintage black. Style it with your favorite artificial flowers, branches, twigs, stems, or greeneries and you have the perfect farmhouse accent.

Find out more about this elegant flower bucket here.

Farmhouse Flower Bucket Vase with Rope Handles


This metal farmhouse bucket vase will hold artificial flowers very well given its 12″ height and 7″ opening. If used for fresh florals, a plastic bag insert is highly recommended. The bucket vase is ideal to hold twigs and other tall florals. Try it on or next to the fireplace hearth on the floor.

Browse more photos of this farmhouse metal bucket vase here to inspire your next decor idea.

Farmhouse-Vintage Metal Bucket Vase with Handle


This vintage metal bucket is so reminiscent of the classic farmhouse, country, or historic barn styles. While the photo may remind you of Springtime, this little bucket if creatively repurposed can be used throughout the year. It comes in two different sizes, small and large which only add to its versatility. This bucket can be used on its own, to hold artificial flowers and branches.

Check out this adorable decor item here.

Vintage Gold French Style Galvanized Flower Vase


This decorative metal bucket-vase has a unique gold finish. It is only 8.5″ tall but has a large opening to hold many flowers. This little gem is ideal for styling a coffee table and can be used as a dining table centerpiece.

Find out how to get this durable and beautiful little vase here.

Decorative Farmhouse French Country Pitcher Vase


This French country style pitcher-vase is an eye-catching piece that can become a conversation piece. Use it to add rustic country style to your chosen space and let the geometric pattern draw people’s eyes to it. This pitcher is 10.6″ high and it comes with a PVC liner insert to hold water and fresh flower. A few users were disappointed with the leak-proof ability of the PVC liner. However, that should not deter you from using it to hold artificial flowers.

Check out this decorative pitcher-vase here.

A pair of Modern Farmhouse Ceramic Potted Vases


If you’re looking for a small vase with a modern farmhouse vibe, then, this set of two ceramic vases might be the one. They come with metal wire handles which add that informal feel to these vases. They are small at only 2.8″ tall, which makes them right for a small side table, maybe even a bedside table, on the kitchen counter, or in the bathroom. The two together can also make a great dining room centerpiece. Either use them as is with the included potted flower made of silk and plastic or use your own.

Check out these adorable vases here.

Metal Jug Vase Pitcher Rustic-Farmhouse Vase

Ways to Decorate with a Farmhouse Vase

This curated list will not be complete without mentioning this classic farmhouse pitcher-vase. It brings together all the elements of country-rustic-farmhouse style together and does it effortlessly. With its distressed and vintage look, it will turn any porch or exterior area of a home into the ultimate farmhouse outdoor space. It will fit in any country-style interior with ease. This farmhouse pitcher is only 2.75″ high and it can be paired with similar style vases.

Find out about this farmhouse vase here and similar ones here.

A pair of Farmhouse-Style Decorative Ceramic Vases


This is a set of two ceramic vases with a classic and distressed look along with burlap string that would complement any farmhouse decor. These ceramic vases can hold either artificial or fresh flowers. They sit at 7.5″ and 10″ tall. Use those decorative ceramic vases on their own to decorate your bookshelves or window sill.

Check out these versatile farmhouse-style ceramic vases here.

Modern Farmhouse Decorative Ceramic Set of Vases


White ceramic vases with twine make this set of three vases a go-to collection to add modern farmhouse accents to any room. Arrange these beauties on your fireplace mantle, tabletop, or even floor with or without flowers for a modern clean decor accent.

Read about this set of three modern farmhouse ceramic vases here.

Ceramic Milk-Can Rustic Farmhouse Vase


This ceramic milk can is a great rustic farmhouse decor piece to add to any tabletop, bookshelf, or to hold utensils in the kitchen. It is 10″ tall with a top opening or 7″ and 3″ at its narrowest point (between the handles). The font type and color can be personalized and discussed with the seller.  This vase will make a great housewarming gift if personalized. This is another versatile vase that can hold either artificial or real flowers.

Reach out to the seller here.

Conclusion: 11 Inspiring Ways to Decorate with a Farmhouse Vase

You can use the following artificial flowers as inspiration to style the metal vases:

  • Lavender
  • Sunflower
  • Greenery
  • Rose

When it’s time to decorate for the fall season, Christmas, and winter try these cotton stems with eucalyptus leaves in your farmhouse vase for a quick update.

Cotton Stems farmhouse vase decor

Feel free to share the post if you know someone else who can use some inspiration. Thank you and happy decorating!

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