Thanksgiving & Christmas Farmhouse Style Table Runners

Be it Thanksgiving or Christmas, going with a subtle or neutral table runner will work year-round as table decor. Farmhouse style can be a good decor option to use to create a subtle tablescape.  A table runner acts as a unifying piece by bringing the different decor pieces together as a cohesive ‘piece of artwork’. Pair it with matching placemats to create the foundation for a welcoming dining experience. As such, choosing the right starting piece, or background will make the design of your table setting way easier. Think of it as the canvas to that artwork.

The use of table runners provides an inexpensive year-round decorating option. Use a single table runner along the dining table length to instantly enhance the look of your dining table. Moreso, feel free to experiment with different types of table runners based on the occasion. They come in different sizes, colors, and material textures. Two different table runners can sometimes be set to crisscross each other at the center with a centerpiece in the middle. In addition to the dining room table, use the runner to style your entryway, foyer, console, or coffee table surfaces while still showing off the furniture.

For better visual effect, the length of the table runner is an important consideration. Create an elegant decor by extending the table runner ends by approximately 6 to 10 inches on each end of the table. Choose a table runner between 84 inches and 92 inches in length to decorate a 72-inch long table.

Here is a curated list of farmhouse style table runners that can be bought online via Amazon. They are inexpensive and are of good, if not excellent quality. They were, in part, chosen based on positive existing customer reviews.

Happy shopping!

Farmhouse Style Table Runners

Thanksgiving & Christmas Farmhouse Style Table Runners

This 100% jute table runner is a classic farmhouse dining table decor. The Burlap table runner comes in different color strips and patterns. It typically measures 14 inches wide by 108 inches long. This runner is appropriate for a table that can seat between 8 and 10 people. Some of the available colors even come in 14 inches wide by 72 inches long. Check out these classic Burlap Table Runners here.

Thanksgiving & Christmas Farmhouse Style Table Runners

A quick way to update a table setting is by picking the classic buffalo check. Easy to decorate for a farmhouse look given its monochromatic theme. The buffalo check table runner comes in different sizes. Also, there are a number of other popular matching accessories to choose from like the checkered napkin. Get the inexpensive black & white table runner here.

Thanksgiving & Christmas Farmhouse Style Table Runners

Thanksgiving & Christmas Farmhouse Style Table Runners

For a touch of glamour, the Metallic Sequin table runner is a game changer. It’s available in three different colors. Check out the metallic table runner for more info here.

Thanksgiving & Christmas Farmhouse Style Table Runners

As the name suggests, Luxury Damask will add a classy look to a festively decorated dining table. Yet, it’s gold color and floral motif do not overpower the runner. It’s tapered ends and the adorned tassels are the perfect ultimate touch for any special family gatherings. Check out this elegant table runner here.

This neutral-colored table runner looks stylish and modern. It is ideal for the city or modern farmhouse decor. It’s available in four different sizes. Get the geometric design table runner here.


Thanksgiving & Christmas Farmhouse Style Table Runners

The Burlap Linen table runner is great for any season or special occasion. This runner is ideal for a farmhouse table setting as it displays a rustic natural feel. It comes in a neutral gray color and in different length ranging from 72 inches to 156 inches. Check out this table runner here.

Conclusion: Thanksgiving & Christmas Farmhouse Style Table Runners

That sums up this curated list of farmhouse-inspired table runners for special occasions. Have fun and experiment with your decorating dining table settings. Most importantly add your own personality to your table decor. A neutral table runner will continue to make a great decor statement to any dining table even beyond the holiday seasons.

Hopefully, the above selection will inspire you with ideas for your farmhouse dining table decor for all seasons.

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