Is Artificial Plants Home Decor worth it?

Is Artificial Plants Home Decor worth it?

Artificial plants can be a great way to add natural-looking elements to your home decor. They are affordable, versatile, almost maintenance-free, and long-lasting.

However, they are not to be mistaken as substitutes for natural plants which are living beings. 

Some of us who have pets or particular allergies will find the following selection useful.

Some of you may need to add visual interest to a dark spot in your home without much sunlight.

Maybe you have a hard-to-reach spot to water regularly that you think will be a good location for some houseplants, foliage, or just some greenery.

The artificial plant is an alternative for those who travel often and do not have anyone to take care of their plants.

Real plants are living entities that need care and patience.

You may choose to go all the way by using only artificial plants or decide to mix and match them with real ones. Choose that which works best for you. 

In an ideal world, we would use artificial plants as a complement to natural ones. The aim is to create a calm and tranquil atmosphere by using house plants in your home decor.

In this post, we look at available artificial plant options.

It is hoped that the selected items will inspire your next home decor addition.

Is Artificial Plants Home Decor worth it?

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Let’s take a look at some artificial plant options and how you can part of your year-round home decor strategy.

Artificial Silk Peony Bouquet

artificial pink silk peony styled in a white ceramic vase on a table


Silk peony is so pretty and more so when they come in the most beautiful colors. This peony bouquet has 13 stems, with 6 flowers and 2 buds flower. It is roughly 17″ tall and is available in multiple gorgeous colors.

Browse through the different colors to find one that fits your decor here.

Artificial Hydrangea Flowers


This silk hydrangea flower set comes in multiple colors. The flower head is around 7″ in diameter and the stems are around 9.5″ tall.

Find your favorite color here.

Artificial Orchids Flowers


Another staple for the perfect centerpiece is this artificial orchid.

These come in three different colors, yellow, purple, and milk-white.

Now you have more options to decorate your living room, dining table, or fireplace with a very special and natural-looking faux plant. The stem comes with 10 branches. The total height of which is around 35″.

Choose your favorite color here.

Artificial Blue Bouquet


Here’s another silk cloth flower that is available in a bundle of 6 pieces. This bouquet comes in over 15 different colors to choose from.

Peruse more colors and details here.

Artificial Eucalyptus Leaves on Stem


These are ideal to mix with other flowers to blend some green to your floral arrangement. Each leaf is about 15″ tall. There are 5 branches available in the set. You can either use them together in one arrangement or split them and use each branch in different spots around the house. They are perfect for a simple dining table centerpiece.

Check out the details for this basic greenery here.

Artificial Boston Fern Plant


A classic, the Boston fern houseplant looks just like the real one. Use it to add foliage and textures to your home decor.

This item comes in a set of 2 fern stems. Each is about 40″ in diameter and 15″ tall. Use them hanging in baskets or like in this photo in a nature-inspired vase to bring greenery to your decor.

Check out the faux Boston fern plant here.

Artificial Tropical Palm Leaf


The palm bush is a great accent piece if used on its own as in the photo. It adds a neutral yet effective tropical theme to that space. Green palm is also good as a filler to complement other flowers if a hint of green is needed. This artificial tropical palm leaf bush is about 33.4″ tall.

Check out this artificial tropical greenery here.

Artificial Boxwood Shrubs Stems


The boxwood shrubs are made to stand the outdoor elements. They are UV resistant and waterproof. They can be styled in a vase on your porch or balcony. Use them in window planters as shown in the photo. Decorate a vase in your courtyard or outdoor space with them.

Or add them to flowerpots on your fence.

They come in a package of 8 artificial boxwoods. Each boxwood shrub has 7 stems and leaves which can be adjusted manually. The total height of the boxwood is about 13.7″.

Check out this artificial greenery here.

Artificial Wheat Grass Shrubs



It is easy to decorate with green grass. The wheatgrass shrubs are a flexible and cost-effective option to decorate large indoor and outdoor areas. Add them to large planters either indoor or outdoor and you have long-lasting greenery with just a little effort.

Find the artificial wheatgrass shrubs here.

Faux Succulents in White Ceramic Pots


Who does not like succulents?

This post would be incomplete without them.

Be creative with this set of four faux succulents in ceramic pots by using them together or separately.

They are ideal for a window sill, shelf, side and bedside table, vanity top, or a desk.

They are very versatile and can be combined with other pieces of a dining table centerpiece.

Find out more about these colorful succulents here.

Artificial flower arrangement accessories

To secure your artificial plants you could use some Premium Dry Floral Foam Bricks which you can find here.

If you are using a transparent vase or have an exposed area in the vase or planter, use something like the decorative polished white pebbles which are available at this link.


Natural plants are amazing home decor elements and they remain highly sought after for health benefits.

They are good for the environment.

Artificial or faux plants will provide the aesthetic benefit with the added convenience of being maintenance-free.

Faux plants will also last longer and can be stored for use in the future.

Be it a faux plant that looks realistic or natural flowers, the simple act of gazing upon a sunny bouquet (of flowers) will instantly make one’s heart smile.

Go ahead and spice up a drab space with a natural-looking faux plant!

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  1. I use lots of artificial plants in my house. Every time I look at them in the store, I do question if it’s possible to have too many. I don’t have an answer for that. You’ve definitely given lots of good options!

    1. Hi Jen! well, you know what is said about ‘too much of a good thing’. Thank you for stopping by and for sharing your thoughts.

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