10+ Cute Planters with a Farmhouse Look

An easy and affordable way to update your interior or exterior decor is by adding in-season greenery to your home. Here are over ten cute farmhouse planters with a farmhouse vibe to easily style natural elements around your home, porch, or garden. Some of the items here can be used for storage and other practical use.

We love natural flowers, but sometimes it is easier to just choose to go with faux flowers. Artificial plants require no maintenance or care and will last many years. This is particularly relevant if you have little children or animals such as cats that can potentially make a mess of natural plants.

Farmhouse planters can complement or enhance your existing farmhouse decor. Otherwise, it will add a rustic look and feel to any space.

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10+ Cute Planters with a Farmhouse Look

The following are hand-picked farmhouse planters that will add a rustic look to your home, garden, and porch decor. Most of the planters in this roundup will fit small spaces and dimensions are provided where available.

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1. Farmhouse Flower Pot & Tray Set

10+ Cute Planters with a Farmhouse Look


Decorative Metal Planter

Beautiful and versatile, these small vintage flower pots are perfect for styling a windowsill or table. Find out about alternative ways to use this timeless decor piece here.

2. Decorative Metal Pitcher Planter

10+ Cute Planters with a Farmhouse LookAdd a rustic look to your home or porch with this vintage metal pitcher. It comes in three different colors and it is 28 cm high with a base diameter of 14 cm. Choose what color works best for your decor here.

3. Farmhouse Milk Can Planter

10+ Cute Planters with a Farmhouse Look

Perfect item to decorate a mantle or tabletop, this metal vase will make a strong country style statement to any space. It measures 7.5 x 4.1″ x 3.9″ and is gray in color. Head over to the product page for more over here.

4. Wooden Tray & Artificial Lavender Plant

10+ Cute Planters with a Farmhouse Look

This could be an ideal centerpiece if you want to avoid natural flowers. The elegant purple flowers (artificial) covered with green moss arrangement instantly brings the outdoors to your indoor setting. The wooden flower box is quite small as it measures 9-inch wide X 9.84-inch high X 3.94-inch deep. Peruse other images of this beautiful farmhouse decor piece over here.

5. Farmhouse Flower Buckets

10+ Cute Planters with a Farmhouse Look

This set of three galvanized flower buckets is perfect for artificial flowers. They are 9-inch tall with a small (4.3-inch diameter) footprint each. Use them together as a table centerpiece or scattered individually to add a rustic decor around your home. Find more about this farmhouse decor piece here.

6. Wooden Stave Bucket with Faux Lavender Flowers

10+ Cute Planters with a Farmhouse Look

Here is a decorative wooden stave bucket with a faux plant that you can either use as table decor or hang easily. It comes in two different finishes and measures 9-inches high X 4.7-inches wide X 4.7-inches long. Check out the two options here.

7. Farmhouse Wall Pocket Planter

10+ Cute Planters with a Farmhouse LookEasily add a vintage farmhouse look to your home indoor or porch with a metal wall pocket planter. This half-round wall planter measures 12.5-inches tall x 7.5-inches wide x 5.5-inches deep. What makes this piece versatile is that it can be used to hold other items such as mails or utensils. Do note that no screw or nail is included with this planter.

8. Rustic Wall Glass Flower Vase

10+ Cute Planters with a Farmhouse Look

This wall planter is made of a mix of materials that are both modern and rustic. This is easy to hang on the wall with the installed rope and requires no assembly. Use the cylindrical glass vase to display natural or artificial plants either indoor or on the porch. The flat wooden piece measure 13-inches high x 4.5-inches wide. Check it out here.

9. Wall Round Planter Set

10+ Cute Planters with a Farmhouse Look

For those who are creative and want to add a customized wall decor to your home, this set of 3 galvanized metal wall planters will entertain you. These are meant for indoor use but can be used outdoors if you are willing to drill holes in them. Play around with these three different-sized planters to achieve the look you want for your space. In any case, these are surely going to add a farmhouse look to your decor for a long time. Find more about this timeless decor piece over here.

10. Modern Farmhouse Wooden Planters with Handles

10+ Cute Planters with a Farmhouse Look

Add a modern rustic touch to your garden, porch or indoor spaces with these cute wooden planters. They are perfect for wall decor as they come with beautiful rope handles. Small enough (6-inches wide x 9-inches tall), this set of two planters are perfect for the bathroom, kitchen countertop, and tabletop. They also come in white in addition to the gray color featured above. Peruse other images of these cute planters over here.

11. Claw-Foot Bathtub Planter

10+ Cute Planters with a Farmhouse LookNothing can relate to a farmhouse interior better than an actual claw-foot bathtub. How about a miniature claw-foot planter made of porcelain? This may well be the cutest farmhouse planter you will ever own. Best of all, it can be used as a soap dish in the bathroom or as a tray for small accessories. Its approximate dimensions are 6-inches long x 3.3-inches high x 2.5-inches wide. Get this cute planter here.

10+ Cute Planters with a Farmhouse Look

Farmhouse Style Artificial Plants

  1. Cotton Stems Farmhouse Style
  2. Lavender Bundle

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White Farmhouse Pitcher Planter

10+ Cute Planters with a Farmhouse Look

We hope you found a cute farmhouse planter to add to your home decor. If you found this round-up helpful, you will most likely enjoy the following related posts.

Happy styling!

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