How To Get The Farmhouse Style Kitchen Look

What makes farmhouse style kitchen so appealing?

The traditional farmhouse lifestyle called for a kitchen that functions for the whole family on a daily basis.

Historically, the farmhouse kitchen became known as the heart of the home. It used to be a space where the whole family would gather to prepare and enjoy meals together. The down-home approach made that possible.

However, today, the farmhouse kitchen has evolved. It’s still popular nowadays for multiple reasons. The contemporary farmhouse kitchen design does not shy away from the Country feel.

But, how do you get the simplicity and rustic beauty of a farmhouse-style kitchen look?

Other than being highly functional, the farmhouse kitchen has to display a country charm.

Rustic elements are always present, whether in a vintage or modern form. These could include any textured elements such as brick, wood, textiles, and metals. A natural element that can easily be missed is greeneries or plants.

Similar to what we discussed in the post on Rustic and Chic: How to Create a Farmhouse Living Room, today’s farmhouse kitchen comes in multiple variations.

Farmhouse style is versatile in that it can work with modern elements of design and contemporary materials.

The key again is to mix those elements of design in order to achieve your own farmhouse kitchen iteration.

Bring your own design and decor flair into the project and you will come up with a unique farmhouse kitchen to meet your household needs and home’s appeal.

How to get the Farmhouse Style Kitchen look

The following design elements are common in a farmhouse kitchen:-

  • Hardwood floors, painted or stained
  • Butcher block countertop
  • Apron-front sink in porcelain, stainless steel, or copper
  • Subway tiles, brick wall, or (weathered) wood backsplash
  • Open shelves to display tableware & China
  • Metal elements, galvanized aluminum, iron, or copper
  • Industrial lighting and vintage kitchen decor elements
  • Textiles and floor rugs
  • Large island or spacious countertop area

Let’s take a look at the basic or essential elements of what makes a farmhouse kitchen so attractive and still popular to date.

Country Farmhouse Kitchen

How to get the Farmhouse Style Kitchenvia Lisa Furey Interiors

Brick is a material that effortlessly evokes Country charm.

Mix with contemporary crisp lines of the island and the industrial feel conveyed by the metal stools and pendant lights, this kitchen is a farmhouse-style delight.

Other farmhouse design elements include the open shelves, farmhouse sink, and hardwood floors.

The centrally positioned blue-trimmed cute window complements the rustic look in this kitchen.

Farmhouse Transitional Kitchen

How to get the Farmhouse Style Kitchen

How to get the Farmhouse Style Kitchenpreviously seen on Mingle

A farmhouse design statement is an apron-front sink.

Often and traditionally made of porcelain, it provides a practical deep sink.

Nowadays the farmhouse sink comes in different materials and sizes.

A farmhouse sink will instantly add a rustic feel to a kitchen.

Other than for practical and aesthetic reasons, it is also very versatile.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

How to get the Farmhouse Style Kitchenvia Royal Oaks Design

The first eye-catching element in this space is obviously the stunning and cozy wide plank floors.

The natural wood color is repeated is nicely echoed in the wood beams.

The kitchen’s cabinet and backsplash white palette is another farmhouse reference.

That allows for natural light coming from the dining room’s row of windows to be reflected in this open plan layout.

Rustic Charm Farmhouse Kitchen

How to get the Farmhouse Style Kitchenpreviously seen on Jim Dunaway

Striking wooden floors create the perfect setting for this farmhouse interior.

The farmhouse table and vintage green wooden bench and freestanding wall cabinets add farmhouse charm to this kitchen.

White walls, subway tiles, and porcelain apron-front sink make for a perfect rustic farmhouse look and feel.

Did we miss to mention the piece-de-resistance; the stunning wicker pendant light?

Farmhouse Chic Kitchen

How to get the Farmhouse Style Kitchenvia Instagram

It could not get any more comfortable sitting in one of those wicker island stools.

Those stools are visually balanced by the attention-grabbing metal pendants.

The kitchen cabinets, subway tiles, and the window trim are visually coherent and seamlessly work together.

A nod to rustic charm is evident from the wood floors.

Everything in this kitchen relates to farmhouse-chic and a fresh looking design.

(Hamptons) Farmhouse Kitchen

How to get the Farmhouse Style Kitchen

How to get the Farmhouse Style Kitchenvia William Quarles Photography

Spacious worktop area is a reference to historical farmhouse traditions where meals for a large family were prepared and served.

The absolute black granite of the island top provides ample cooking and serving space as well as generous storage underneath.

Elements such as the open shelves and the metal cabinet’s hardware are complemented by the classic black and white theme in this kitchen with modern clean lines.

Refined Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen

How to get the Farmhouse Style Kitchenpreviously seen on Studio McGee

Over white-painted brick walls, this kitchen displays multiple farmhouse elements like the wood floors, exposed wooden beams, hanging lanterns, and a large island with a farmhouse sink among others.

Modern Craftsman Farmhouse Kitchen

How to get the Farmhouse Style Kitchenpreviously seen on Thomas Built

Handmade items always speak about imperfections which is a reference to traditional farmhouse style.

The ‘x’ braces provide a farmhouse touch to this astounding island.

The dark stained wood floors undeniably add to the farmhouse character.

The contrast between the open shelves, the cabinet doors, and the subway backsplash create depth and add texture.

This kitchen is crafted with details but without the visual clutter.

Vintage Farmhouse Kitchen

How to get the Farmhouse Style Kitchenvia Liz Marie Blog

This kitchen looks like every single piece of accessories and design elements were carefully selected.

The open shelves clutter is muted by using neutral tones throughout.

Lighting is also an important element that makes a farmhouse kitchen visually appealing.

Vintage can also mean a retro fridge.

Conclusion: How to get the Farmhouse Style Kitchen look

The farmhouse kitchen can be visually attractive no matter what other styles or influences you combine it with.

By adding natural, rustic, and even some vintage elements to the kitchen, the country feel will become present.

However, modern or contemporary farmhouse style will veer away from recreating an exact replica of an old-fashioned kitchen. The idea is to create a contemporary space by using design and decor elements (including materials and finishes) that reflect a look and feel, in this case, the farmhouse-style kitchen look.

Pick the right palette to maintain a soft and neutral background.

Farmhouse kitchen works best when they are bright with natural light.

Nowadays, white subway tiles come in a number of different textures and colors. These can instantly transform the look of your kitchen without breaking the bank. It’s also a great way to achieve a farmhouse aesthetic.

Wood paneling or shiplap is also another great option to achieve a rustic look. Left to a natural tone, weathered, painted to a soft tone or white, wood paneling will definitely create the country charm true to a farmhouse look.

Finally, farmhouse kitchen has a lot to offer as it can be both aesthetically stunning and highly functional.

Farmhouse kitchen is versatile as a style as it can easily and seamlessly be combined with other styles to work wonders.

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