What You Need To Set Up a Productive Workspace at Home

What do you need to set up a productive workspace at home? How do you achieve better results with all the distractions while working from home? Working from home does come with some major benefits. However, it also comes with challenges. This article is a curated list of items that will update the look and feel of your home office. All while prioritizing productivity, organization, and a comfortable home workspace. 

It is known that a well-arranged and beautiful setup will reap better results at work. Here, the challenge is how to bring those elements into the home office without creating a chaotic or clinical desk space. From desk items, tools, furniture, and wall art, a home office should suit your home’s personality. It should also speak to the type of work or tasks that you do daily.

However, here we will assume that you need good desk-space, an excellent computer setup, and of course office storage. To personalize the space, some wall art and plants are good options. If you are the creative type, you would most likely have handy your artwork to include in your studio space. Family photos and memorable items are ways to add comfort to your office space.

Whatever the case may be, it is hoped that the following hand-picked items will benefit your home office setting. Other factors that would impact productivity include organization. It’s important to know where things are to save time. Easy to reach tools or equipment will make you more efficient. Above all, an organized office will be a breeze to clean and maintain.

The following curated list will be handy to anyone starting from scratch, considering a makeover, or looking for a specific item to make one’s workspace more efficient, comfortable, and organized.

What You Need To Set Up a Productive Workspace at Home

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Without any particular order of preference here are office items that you need to set up a productive workspace at home.

So, let’s dive in.

1. Multifunctional Office Desk PadDo you need a desk pad to set up a productive workspace at home

This waterproof desk pad is also oil-proof and scratch-proof, thus helping your work station stay clean and fresh always.

With its smooth glossy design, it enables your mouse to move freely, eliminating the need for a separate mouse pad. And you’d also be ridding yourself of the stress of cleaning; just wipe with a moist rag, and the PU leather gets spanking clean once more.

It’s advisable to select a color that works best for you since color affects different individuals differently. Note that the two sides are of different colors, so you can just flip the mat for a new fresher view. It is available in different sizes and can conveniently be bought online here.

2. Home Office Desk Organizer

Do you need a desk organizer to set up a productive workspace at homeHaving an organized workspace makes you more efficient. A desk organizer is exactly what you need to set up a productive workspace. This organizer provides perfect sized compartments for your paper clips, writing pad, pens, pencils, and lots more. You know where each stationery is kept, and they’re all visible, within your reach, right there on your desk.

If your desk is messy and cluttered, you would be searching for your writing pad or clip all the time, and that can lead to distractions. But with a desk organizer, you stay focused, having easy access to what you need most of the time, anytime. Have fun reconfiguring the different compartments to your liking. The best part, they are magnetic and will stay on the wood base all the time. The wood base is available in three different finishes, check them out here.

3. Desk Lamp with USB Charging Port

Isn’t it amazing to at last have a desk lamp that comes with auto-brightness technology? Yes, this LED lamp houses light sensors that dim or brighten the output according to the surrounding illumination. Its soft non-glaring illumination protects you from eye strain, thereby allowing you to work for hours at night without eye discomfort and fatigue.

Furthermore, you can direct the light away from your eyes by pressing a button and rotating the knob without moving the lamp head.

With its 5V/2.1A USB output, you can also charge your smartphone quickly whether the lamp is on or off. At the time of posting this office desk lamp was available in white only. Find out more about this amazing and affordable LED desk lamp here.

4. Adjustable Monitor Desk Mount

Instead of placing a large monitor on your desk, this desk mount frees up valuable space by holding up the monitor. You just fix it to the edge of your desk using the C-clamp or grommet base, which is very easy to install. The neck allows a full 360° rotation for landscape-portrait orientation and a 180° swiveling angle. This item will provide better ergonomics thus keeping you productive longer working at the screen. The added benefit is less strain on your neck and back while allowing good sitting posture.

This universal desk mount is compatible with most LCD flat screens and monitors, so chances are that yours will be a perfect fit so long it is not greater than 32 inches and 17.6 lbs. They are compatible with standard VESA 75x75mm or 100x100mm enabled monitors.

This adjustable monitor mount is available in single, dual, and triple mount. It’s a great accessory to add monitors to your workflow. Read more about their features here.

5. Laptop Stand Arm Mount Tray

If you’re someone who doesn’t like typing on a laptop, then this arm mount trap is for you. With it, you can hold up your notebook computer above your desk, making it serve as a monitor while you type with your connected keyboard. This way, you save valuable space on your little desk since you’re taking the laptop away from it.

This laptop stand is compatible with all LCD arms (including single and dual monitor mount arms), pivot, or desk, and you can use it with or without a docking station. You can adjust the mounting plate to accommodate almost all notebook sizes. Check out this affordable standard laptop mount tray here.

6. Adjustable Laptop or Ultrabook Stand


With ergonomy at the core of its design, this adjustable laptop stand allows you to comfortably handle your notebook without harming your spine. You can adjust the angle from 0-90 degrees to get your notebook into a more comfortable typing position. You are more productive when you’re comfortable. However, this stand is ideal for ultrabooks and most thin laptops currently on the market.

If you are a writer and are not a big fan of the laptop keyboard, this could well be what you need to set up a productive workspace at your home office. Pair it with your favorite keyboard and type away. It is not only foldable, lightweight at only 1.6 lbs, but also small enough to fit a standard backpack. Now, where you decide to write your next novel is up to you!

The design is rust-proof, scratch-proof, and easy to clean, and its hollow aluminum helps to conduct heat away from your laptop and avoid overheating. The stand is stout enough to hold up to a 4 kg laptop. The base is also designed to store things like your phone, mouse, and some stationery.

This versatile and adjustable laptop stand is available in various colors. Check them out here.

7. Home Office Cable Management Box

Cables lying about can make your home-office look cluttered. But you can make it look more organized and free up valuable space by neatly inserting all these cables in one compartment. The D-line Cable Management Box helps you accomplish that.

You can hide all your power cables in this 16.5″ x 6.5″ x 5.25″ box. You remove the lid, plug your cables, and cover it back. It has 3 openings where the wires can come out from behind. It helps your home-office look neat, organized, and free of tangled wires which often make your home-office difficult to clean. Check it out here.

8. (3-in-1) Qi-Certified Fast Wireless Charging Station

Have you ever worked for hours and needed to charge your phone, watch, and AirPod at the same time and right there in your home office? To avoid cluttering your space with cables, why not get this 3-in-1 wireless fast charger? It can charge 3 devices (smartphone, smartwatch, and AirPods) simultaneously and surprisingly fast. However, you must use a 12V/2A or 9V/2.7A adapter for a fast charge.

The charging station is also equipped with current, voltage, temperature, and full-charge detection technology to avoid harming or overcharging your devices. It’s compatible with both iPhone and Android. Another efficiency item to boost your everyday productivity.

This item go beyond what you need to set up a productive workspace at home and instantly adds to your overall everyday efficiency. Read about all its other merits here.

9. Office Desk Drawer Organizers

Do you need a drawer organizer to set up a productive workspace at home

Another design feature you should include in your home office is a functional drawer with different compartments. Even if your home office is small, you need several office supplies, and this 12-pack simple plastic drawer gives you ample room for them, hence avoiding clutter on your desk. It is made of clear hard plastic for an uncluttered aesthetic.

Store pins, clips, erasers, documents, letters, and magazines, as well as refreshments to re-energize yourself now and then. Its transparent design allows you to see through what’s in each compartment without drawing out.

This is a versatile item that can be used to store other items such as makeup, crafts, or bathroom accessories.

Other than the one displayed above, this item is also available in medium, assorted large, and large versions to provide additional storage options. Browse more pictures and find out more about them here.

10. Home Office Desktop Storage Rack

Do you need a storage rack to set up a productive workspace at homeThis storage rack makes for another functional add-on to your home-office. Those office supplies and books that have no home on your desk can find a place on this storage rack. Made of wood measuring 6.8″ x 15.8″ x 16″, it is like your little personal library right there in your home office.

You can easily adjust the position and distance between the boards to suit the size of your stuff. Including a vase with beautifully colored flowers is also a great way to add beauty to your space, which in turn helps to stimulate your creativity.

Another versatile yet sturdy item to consider for your home office. This small rack is available in three different color variations.

Is this the ultimate item you need to set up a productive workspace at home? Check out this cutie here.

11. Is a Quotes Wall Art what you need to set up a productive workspace at home?

Add some motivational quotes to your office space with this neutral-colored but impactful wall art. Who said what you need to set up a productive workspace at home cannot be achieved through words? Find this set here.

12. Home Office Desk Decor


Enliven your desk space with this set of green succulents. Being fake makes them maintenance-free while still adding a natural touch to your workspace. Everyone can use a bit of greenery to connect to the outdoor world even if it’s only visually. This item is ideal for a small home office. Find them here.

Conclusion: What You Need To Set Up a Productive Workspace at Home

This wraps up this list of ‘What you need to set up a productive workspace at home‘ recommendations. Have fun designing, decorating, and setting up your home workspace with items that you find inspiring.

Happy creating!

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