Best Farmhouse Light Fixture Ideas for the Dining Table

The farmhouse-inspired rectangular box-frame lighting fixture is a great way to offset the decor of any modern contemporary interior.

With both wood and metal accents, this type of lighting fixture is a rich mix of both modern and traditional materials.

Use it to bring warmth to a space in both the lighting quality it creates as well as with its use of wood.

The metal part will instantly add a modern touch to any space.

Choose from glass-encased bulbs models and either upward facing or downlighting types of lighting to achieve different moods and lighting effects.

The rectangular box-frame lighting fixture will seamlessly blend in any modern farmhouse interior again due to its materials and design.

It can be used in contrast to a more rustic or country-style interior if a lighting fixture with simple lines is chosen.

Some models come with candle-type light bulbs with add to that rustic look and feel.

This lighting fixture has been around for a while now and there is no indication that this trend will wane any time soon.

The best farmhouse light fixture ideas for the dining table is a post written as a follow-up to a previously popular post, namely, “How to achieve a Timeless Charm with Farmhouse Lighting.

Best Kitchen Island & Dining Room Farmhouse Light Fixtures

No matter what choice you make, the rectangular pendant light fixture will remain a key decor element for years, if not decades to come.

With its multiple light bulbs, it makes lighting important areas such as the kitchen island and dining rooms as functional as it can be.

It is hoped that you will find the below selection inspiring and useful to guide you in your next project.

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Without any particular order of preference, let’s dive into this curated list of the best farmhouse light fixture ideas for the dining table.

Dining Table Farmhouse Light Fixture: Candle-Light Chandelier


With a rich glow and modest size, this 8-light farmhouse chandelier is an excellent choice for the farmhouse dining table or kitchen island. It comes in a 26″ long rectangular frame which makes it suitable for a small room or space. It becomes an even perfect fit when its length is about half that of your dining table or island. However, it can easily make a small room too bright given the 8 candle-like bulbs it holds. Also, depending on the kind of bulbs you choose, installing a dimmer switch is advisable.

Find out more about this elegant farmhouse light fixture here.


  • It can be easily installed without professional help
  • The faux-wood finish is exquisite and will leave guests impressed
  • It can be installed on both flat and inclined ceilings
  • Can be dimmed with a supported dimmer switch installed


  • Because of its size, it’s not very ideal for large spaces such as large dining rooms, and kitchens

Modern Farmhouse Dining Table Industrial Chandelier


With its four downlights, this fixture is best suited for the dining area, working table, bar, or island. Its matte-coated rectangular steel frame produces a vintage appeal while maintaining a modern design with clean lines. In addition to protecting the quality of the steel, the matte finish will continually capture the attention of your guests, which only enhances the dining experience.

Check out the details for this timeless light fixture here.


  • It can be easily installed without professional assistance
  • It is relatively lightweight
  • It can be dimmed
  • Usable for sloped ceilings


  • The length is not adjustable. However, it can be installed in two different heights since the package comes with two-rod lengths of 11.81″ and 5.91″

Dining Table Rustic-Industrial Farmhouse Chandelier



The ambiance this light fixture brings to any dining or kitchen area is both rustic and soft.

This chandelier comes with an adjustable rod supporting four E12 bulbs.

It has an open rectangular frame of white oak in an artistic crisscross with an outer black frame.

You will almost think it’s wooden rather than metallic.

This design and color-combination together with the soft light give your interior a simple alluring retro outlook; perfect farmhouse-style light fixture.

Peruse more photos of this gorgeous light fixture here.


  • It comes with adjustable rod lengths
  • It is very safe and easy to set up
  • It is dimmable if connected to the appropriate switch


  • Not great for sloped ceilings

Dining Table Farmhouse Light Fixture: Rectangular Box-frame Chandelier



Its large size makes this lighting fixture more suitable for the kitchen, dining room, and living room.

This chandelier requires four bulbs which are housed in glass cylinders all in a wooden rectangular box-frame which helps in creating a soft hue.

The visual appeal and materials of this lighting fixture are reminiscent of the industrial-rustic-farmhouse piece of decor which easily attracts the eye.

Check out this timeless interior decor item and lighting fixture here.


  • Its size is fitting for a medium to large-sized room
  • For both flat and inclined ceilings but specifically not recommended for vaulted ceilings
  • The rod lengths are fixed but the chains are adjustable
  • This fixture can be controlled via a dimmer switch


  • Consider hiring a handy person or electrician is advised in order to properly and safely install this lighting fixture.

Compact Dining Table Farmhouse Chandelier


This light fixture is in a similar style to the previous box-frame chandelier.

However, it has only 3 bulbs facing upwards and the wooden frame is relatively smaller, therefore perfectly suited above your dining table or small kitchen countertop.

It comes with an industrial rustic appeal which can contrast a modern interior or easily blend within a rustic interior.

Like the other models, this lighting fixture will stand out in any given space and if paired with the appropriate bulbs will provide a good source of lighting.

Find out more about this 3-bulb farmhouse lighting fixture here.


  • The rods have adjustable lengths which add flexibility during installation
  • It works on all ceiling types, be it flat or sloped
  • Installation is considered easy


  • A dimmer switch will not work on this lighting fixture
  • the bulbs are facing upward which can affect the light intensity depending on the type of bulbs used and the height of the ceiling (i.e. refracted light)

Conclusion: Best Farmhouse Light Fixture Ideas for the Dining Table

This wraps up this small selection of the best farmhouse light fixture ideas for the dining table.

Lighting is as important as any other piece of decor that goes into a particular space.

Choose it wisely but don’t be afraid to try something bold.

Different materials will produce different results.

Whatever the look you are going for, make sure that the lighting quality is the one that works best for your requirements.

A kitchen island will require good lighting if used to prepare food for instance.

Happy decorating!

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