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A Home is not a house


Welcome to our blog!

Trendy Home Hacks finds its relevance in the above statement. 

Our background is primarily in architecture and design even though we currently find ourselves drawn towards writing. We intend to use the internet and the blogging world as a canvas to connect with those who seek to enhance their lifestyle and looking to find reliable home related contents online. Quick disclaimer, at present we want to limit this ‘about page’ to what this site is really about and less about us as individuals. Getting to know the people behind the scenes will eventually follow as we build the site with more contents. 

Trendy Home Hacks was created to research, test, review and provide a platform for relevant contents that revolve around House and Garden design and decoration. That includes organization of spaces, and any Home related trends or products as well as do-it-yourself tips that would inspire and inform all our visitors and readers.

This task can be daunting since anything related to the Home can refer to a wide range of articles from the smallest items such as the safest kitchen knife (maybe not really the smallest) to anything as big as the most effective ways to renovate a house basement or expansive backyard garden. In any case, we would like to thank you for your visit. Come back often to find out what we have in store for you.

We will make it a point to post regularly. Please do reach out if you have a topic that you would like to be researched and we will gladly respond. Happy reading!

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